Supporting the full chain of transactional business value in a Corporate restructure, Acquisition of business, Sale of business or Management Buy-out

This includes:

  • Corporate restructure
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due diligence process
  • Valuations
  • Deal structuring between parties
  • Corporate mediation
  • Capital raising for transactions

Supporting the board, either through ad-hoc consultation or by having a seat on the board:

  • Positioned CFO (acting as CFO for company), especially in scenarios of scaling, transition or expansion
  • Governance & compliance advisory
  • Value added financial management
  • Strategic positioning and execution
  • Development program

For further information send enquiries through to : or contact our offices. You can also speak directly to the executive director of Ascent Advisory, Daniel Steenkamp on 082 713 9934


We do an analysis of your business in order to recommend the best internationalization strategy for your circumstances and industry.  We consider which international location would best serve your expansion strategy, taking into consideration:

  • Economic trends,
  • Proximity to markets,
  • Supply chain,
  • Tax incentives,
  • Regulatory environment
  • Corporate structure etc

We identify your relevant criteria for relocation or entering new markets and scan the global markets for your best location options.  We complete feasibility studies to compare locations on the chosen criteria and provide recommendations on location as well as the requirements for doing business in foreign locations.

We mediate the expansion of foreign companies’ footprint on African soil by advising on industry attractiveness, mediating partnerships with local companies, assisting in establishing subsidiaries, or provide investment opportunities.

We do bespoke research directly relevant to our clients’ business environment.  Research include desktop study as well as application and, in many instances, also fieldwork.  Past research projects include market research (utilizing surveys, interviews and focus groups), customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, data monetization, data-driven business models, sponsor relationship management, international feasibility studies and industry analysis.

For further information send enquiries through to : or contact our offices. You can also speak directly to the executive director of Ascent Group, Daniel Steenkamp on 082 713 9934


A bespoke offering for the Non-Profit sector, aimed at intervention on a board and executive level. Specialist services include

  • Development programs
  • Financial sustainability review
  • Organisational compliance review
  • Donor development: Financial & Risk interpretation
  • Strategic advisory services
  • Organisational development programs
  • Tax advisory
  • Board memberships
  • Fundraising
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For further information send enquiries through to : or contact our offices. You can also speak directly to the executive director of Ascent Group, Daniel Steenkamp on 082 713 9934


We collaborate with our client to design, document and innovate your business model, looking at your value proposition, your market segmentation, resource strategy and income potential.

We apply traditional and proprietary Ascent Advisory frameworks and tools to devise business strategy.  We include environmental scanning, identify industry driving forces, do competitor analysis, devise blue ocean and industry disruptive strategies. We focus and emphasize Strategic Execution in collaboration with your board, management and staff.

In collaboration with Ascent People, we develop your human resource by making sure we have the right people in the right seats with the right attitude. (ie the right strategic fit). Ascent People also assists with team development and coaching to ensure we help you create high performance teams focussed on creating and sustaining value.

Becoming a High Performance Team requires a team to be strong in vision, interdependence, structure and action.  Any dysfunctions like lack of trust, conflict avoidance or accountability need to be identified and decisively but collaboratively dealt with.  Our Team Development services take a team on a journey customised to its specific context.  The journey includes self-assessment, the establishment of goals and empowering teams with the tools and insights they need to move forward to high performance.

Becoming and then remaining an innovative leader in the current business environment is a strenuous affair, especially if you want to develop into a leader who keeps a healthy work-life balance.

Our coaching approach will offer you a personalized leadership program where you can activate your full potential and learn to enjoy the journey, especially if you have recently been appointed into a managing position where you have to manage people within a complex business environment.

Technical skills that brought you to this managing position now need to be complemented with other management and people skills. This is where the services of a skilled executive coach can be invaluable in developing a leader’s skills set and contribute to that level of self-awareness which makes a great leader.

Teams can react to conflicted opinions and personal styles in healthy or unhealthy ways.  Withdrawing and avoiding or merely accommodating differences do not provide longer term gain.  Even compromise results in a lose-lose feeling.  Collaboration, where two heads are better than one, is what our conflict resolution approach aims at.  In conflicted environments we build trust, identify underlying fears and in a safe space rally people around common ground and shared vision.

It has been said that the only person who likes change is a baby with a wet diaper.  The rest of us tend to perceive changing environments as threatening to our relevance and feelings of belonging. Our Change Management interventions aims at establishing a sense of urgency in organisations, identifying underlying fears and through transparent and collaborative sessions create momentum where change is seen as sources of innovation.  To read more on our approach, click the button below:

Our Change Management Approach

For further information send enquiries through to : or contact our offices. You can also speak directly to the executive director of Ascent People, Johan vd Merwe on 082 940 3319

Development Programs

In this fast paced world often cluttered by information overload it has become important to enhance our experience or formal training with high impact programs. These are focused, short in duration and deliver up to date tools and models that can be immediately applied to make a difference to our business world. Ascent People, led by Dr. Johan van der Merwe, has developed just such an array of programs.